Our facility is designed around meeting the needs of those we serve. Our main room has pool tables, dart board, needs/available and sales boards, a listing of bike events and flyers, tables and chairs for meeting and conversation as well as a TV area for relaxation.

We are members of the ACCESS network and operate an Emergency Food Pantry designed to provide food for a couple of days while we connect parties with the local food pantry in their neighborhood.

Our “Toy Room” is set up to take care of most needs when it comes to working on or repairing motorcycles. It has lifts (hydraulic, tilt and portable), work bays with tools, an area for oil, electrical and tire work, a machine shop as well as an area for welding including Arc, MIG, TIG and oxy/acetylene. We have a pan/box break, vertical and horizontal saws, arbor press and a plasma cutter too. It is air conditioned and heated so it is a comfortable environment to work on a bike any time!

In addition we have two classrooms used for AA and NA meetings, Bible Studies and other uses. Two counseling rooms are used for Pre-Marital and Crisis counseling as well.

Roadbed also provides a bike ambulance service for the local area in that we will bring a trailer out to pick up a downed bike off the road and haul it either home, to Roadbed or to a bike shop for repairs if desired.

For those that ride in, we offer a concrete parking area for bikes so there are no worries about soft asphalt on those hot summer days. The facility also has security cameras so bikes are safe while left when being worked on.

Who We Are

Mission Statement

To serve, honor and love God and His Son Jesus Christ by taking His Word into the world of motorcycling.

Vision Statement

To see our brothers and sisters delivered from their worlds filled with sin, immoral sex, drugs, alcohol and abuse, the worlds lived in by so many motorcyclist. To see that deliverance occur by their coming to know the saving power of Jesus Christ and their knowing, feeling, seeing and recognizing the presence of God in their lives.


Trusting in God’s guidance and instruction, we will come alongside Him to serve our brothers and sisters, leading where required, serving when needed and always supporting others to:

1.   To establish a ministry to motorcyclists, reaching out to them in their environment.

2.   To work with area churches to help them reach out to and assimilate the searching or newly converted biker.

3.   To establish programs that will meet the needs of those individuals seeking to recover from the lifestyles they have lived or been caught up in.

4.   To provide a place of fellowship, communication and support where Christ’s love is apparent and is free to experience.

5.  To build lasting relationships between our brothers and sisters in Christ, helping them to lead fruitful and Christ serving lives.

What We Are About

Bikers are one of the most misunderstood segments of our society today.

In a time when everyone seems to set the value of people on what they have achieved in the way of material gains or success, they just don’t understand that there are those who just enjoy the freedom of the open road and living life as they perceive it.

We are a different breed of people.

Just look at us, we go against the grain of society in that we chose to wear our hair and clothing the way we want to. We aren’t slaves to fashion, our clothing is functional for what we are doing, whether its riding two wheels or eighteen. Our idea of success is a great ride, good partners and a good time. We pay our bills, we work hard to do it and we play hard to make up for it. We also know what hard times are.

We take care of our own and understand the brotherhood of like-minded people.

We have been in one another’s shoes whether it was sitting on the side of the road with a busted set of wheels or feeling the joy of rolling down an interesting stretch of road a little faster than smarter. We have cried over losing buddies whether in ‘Nam, Iraq or Afghanistan, the road, their hard living or the world’s other traps. We care about kids and enjoy the chance to do things for those who don’t have what they need.

Enter Roadbed Ministries.

Roadbed is not another church, it is an outreach. Our purpose is to share Jesus Christ in a unique way, in a non-threatening familiar environment the way Jesus taught us, by loving one another. We will reach out by accepting each other for what and who we are and by sharing with them the joy that we have found.

We want to help others come to understand the true nature of God and to accept the sacrifice Jesus made for them too. Our goal is to help them find a church home in their local community, a church home that is biker friendly. A home that will help them grow in Jesus Christ, love them and make them feel welcome as part of their church family.

And we know where you are coming from, we ride (our Pastor even rides with the Remnant Sons MC and they meet at Roadbed) and have lived the life, the joys and the sorrows, along the way.

Everyone can use a little help sometime…

Whether it be passing the word on a job opportunity, a comfortable place to work on our scooters, some groceries when the paycheck didn’t stretch as far as it needed to or when life turns out to be more than we think we can handle. We are there for you. Heck, we might even be able to tell you where the next poker run or swap meet is! We don’t have all the answers but know where we can find most of them. And while we can’t change the past, we know we can help with the future.  When you need someone, we want you to know, we will be there for you.